Peter Drought – Commercial Photographer


Peter is a commercial photographer with over eleven years experience working in the photographic industry. He has an extensive photographic portfolio including architectural photography, interiors photography, public relations/press, fine art, products/still life and wedding photography. He has shot in excess of 2500 buildings and many interiors.

“Art, architecture and design have always been a fascination of mine since an early age. Coming from an artistic background on my father’s side, I have always had a love of the visual, the environment around us and how such things affects us, both at work and leisure. Whether it be an office interior, domestic kitchen or a new design of furniture, good design has never ceased to impress and compel me to seek out more.”

For many years after university, Peter worked in the financial industry, before in 2008 undergoing a career change, heading into the creative industries. From then on, he primarily concentrated on commercial photography whist also undertaking fine art work as a side. Photographically, he is well versed in the specialist techniques associated with architectural photography, both in terms of lighting and camera skills. He relishes a technical challenge, and loves the process of working on an interior shoot to create photographs that show a client’s project at its best.

In addition to architecture, Peter also undertakes public relations work, taking photographs for advertising and press releases to help illustrate a client’s story and present their brand a wide audience. On such photographic assignments, storytelling is key and he looks for ways to illustrate a client’s brand in an eye catching visual way.

Outside of the commercial world, he is an award winning landscape photographer, and has a particular passion for photography that emphasises the mood of a scene, as influenced by the light and weather. He has had two solo shows to date and operates a separate website to display his landscape collection. Non photographically, he likes to draw, something which has been an interest for most of his life, preferring animals and urban life as subjects.

 Peter is based in St Helens in the North West of England, and is available for commission throughout the UK and further afield.

Portrait of Commercial Photographer Peter Drought.