Yesterday saw me taking a few hours out from the regular business of commercial photography. My excuse this time was a networking event organised by the Manchester based @Freshwalks. These events are a little different in that they take the form of an organised walk out in the country where you get the chance not only to meet new people, but also to engage in a spot of hill walking, taking in the great outdoors.

Our target for the day was the hill of Bleaklow, which is situated near Glossop on the edge of the Pennines. Bleaklow itself consists mainly of gritstone and peat moorland, and rises to some 633 meters. Weather conditions were warm and dry, as currently the UK is going through a heatwave. The normally fairly wet peat moorland had changed into that springy consistency that it acquires when dry. We made a short but relatively stiff initial ascent before levelling off once we had gained some height. Our route took us past a local landmark known as the “kissing stones” before passing the remains of a B29 bomber that was unfortunate enough to crash there in poor weather in 1948.

The day was a good one, and provided ample opportunity for some landscape photography. Having achieved the summit and crossed the moorland, we descended back into Glossop in time to watch England beat Sweden in the 2018 World Cup Quarter Finals!

Here are a few photographs from the day. Hope you enjoy!



Two figures waking up a path, approaching a Cairn.

Two figures ascending Bleaklow, approaching a Cairn. Derbyshire

Figures walking along a moorland track.

A small group of people walk across a moorland track on Bleaklow in the Pennines.

Picture of figures walking along a track with Pennine Hills in the background.

Walkers descending Bleaklow near Glossop.

Black and white photograph of figures walking down a country path in a mountainous area.

Walkers descending Bleaklow in the Pennines on a warm summer day.

Four people walking across an area of moorland.

Four figures walking a path near Glossop in the Pennines. Bleaklow.

A party of walkers crossing moorland.

Walking party on Bleaklow in the Pennines.

Peat moorland in dry summer conditions.

Dry peat moorland on Bleaklow. Warm summer weather with Glossop in the background.

Black and white picture of peat moorland.

Picture of peat moorland in summer, under rolling clouds and chiaroscuro light.

Photograph of aircraft wreckage and wreath on gritstone moorland.

Wreckage of a B29 super fortress that crashed in fog on Bleaklow in 1948.

Picture of a man in the countryside next to two large stones.

A man stands next to the kissing stones on Bleaklow, taking in the view.

Walkers seated amongst stones.

A group of walkers take a break near the kissing stones on Bleaklow.

A group of hill walkers seated in a dried up stream.

A group of walkers stop for a short break in a dried up pennine stream. Bleaklow near Glossop.

View from moorland looking down over cliffs, Derbyshire.

View looking down over cliffs from Bleaklow.

Two figures waking up a path, approaching a Cairn.

Two figures ascending Bleaklow, approaching a Cairn. Derbyshire